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Emerging Digital Concepts Awarded Denver Regional CAD-to-CAD Project


Vienna, VA (May 29, 2019) – Emerging Digital Concepts (EDC) announced today it has been selected to provide its NG-CAD-X, CAD-to-CAD interoperability solution for the ten-county Denver metro area known as the North Central All Hazards Region.  EDC, in conjunction with their strategic partner, GeoComm, will also deploy GeoComm Smart City Map, a three-dimensional map display providing a common operating picture (COP) with integrated sensor feeds, for enhanced regional situational awareness.  

NG-CAD-X provides state-of-the-art interoperability amongst PSAP’s (Public Safety Access Points) and their CAD Systems with features that includes real-time remote unit status, remote unit dispatching, messaging, unit roster and status notification, and up-to-date incident details from neighboring jurisdictions on mutual incidents.  When paired with GeoComm Smart City Map, these features improve response time, unify mutual aid coordination, and enhance emergency situational awareness.

Chris Wiseman, EDC President and CEO said, “EDC is very pleased to have been awarded this major project in the Denver region.  This solution will provide mission critical enhancing software components to the region, with the initial installation including ADCOM911, Thornton, Westminster, and the City and County of Broomfield.”

This program is funded through FEMA’s Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) Program which assists high-threat, high-density Urban Areas efforts to build and sustain the capabilities necessary to prevent, protect against, mitigate, respond to, and recover from acts of terrorism.

Greg Crider, EDC CTO adds, “Horizontal integration between local, regional and federal agencies has been a priority in recent years among PSAPs.  The demand by stakeholders to have CAD system technologies integrate this type of data sharing to occur has been a priority to first responders.”

“GeoComm looks forward to collaborating with EDC and the North Central All Hazards Region on this project to provide a three-dimensional map for displaying the CAD-to-CAD exchange details for improving situational awareness and mutual aid emergency response throughout the region,” said Erik Loberg, Vice President of Product Management.

About Emerging Digital Concepts


Emerging Digital Concepts (EDC) is a privately held company founded in 1997 by two former IBM system engineers, Chris Wiseman and Greg Crider.  NG-CAD-X is a vendor neutral, state-of-the-art CAD2CAD exchange and CAD backup system for agencies seeking to integrate CAD Systems.  NG-CAD-X was built on an API, first developed by Chris and Greg, and currently used to interface our nation’s critical public safety infrastructure in the National Capital Region (NCR).   The NCR integrates the Fire and EMS Departments of the City of Alexandria, VA, Arlington County, VA, Fairfax County, VA, Loudoun County, VA, the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, and Prince William County, VA.  Montgomery County, MD and Prince George’s County, MD will join the NCR exchange later this year.  The NCR implementation was awarded the 2011 Best of NIEM and recognized later for one of the 5 “Bests” in the NIEM 10th Anniversary awards.

For more information, contact EDC Vice President/Partner, Kevin Konczal, at kkonczal@emergingdgitial.com.


About GeoComm


GeoComm was founded in 1995 to provide county governments with turnkey emergency 9-1-1 development services. Over the subsequent 24 years, the company has grown to serve local, regional, statewide, and military agencies in forty-nine states, helping to keep more than 100 million people safe. Today, GeoComm has a national reputation as a leading provider of public safety GIS systems that route emergency calls to the appropriate call center, map the caller’s location on call taker or dispatcher maps, and guide emergency responders to the scene of the accident on mobile displays within police, fire and ambulance vehicles. Our NG9-1-1 GIS solutions provide GIS data quality control, transformation, and aggregation services as well NG9-1-1 system emergency call routing. To learn more about GeoComm, please visit www.geo-comm.com.