Introducing CAD4CAD

NG-CAD-X / 4 Backup and Disaster

State-of-the-art CAD Backup and CAD Transfer System for PSAP’s and their CAD Systems.

Now, EDC has taken its CAD2CAD exchange to a whole new level with the introduction of its NG‑CAD‑X/4, CAD4CAD Backup and Disaster systems. Now, agencies can back up each other!

Two Levels of Service

NG-CAD-X / 4 Backup


For PSAP’s that are still operational, but must be left unmanned, NG-CAD-X/4 Backup maintains operational continuity.


NG-CAD-X / 4 Disaster


When a PSAP is operationally compromised, or defunct, NG-CAD-X/4 Disaster provides the pathways to keep units dispatched and incidents managed, even when the jurisdiction’s CAD system is out of commission.

Feature Levels

NG-CAD-X / 4 Backup

CAD4CAD system backup can be implemented when a PSAP must be evacuated, but the infrastructure remains operational. An example of this might involve a bomb or pathogen threat, or possible damage to the structure in the event of an earthquake, (pending structural review) where personnel are required to (temporarily) leave immediately.

NG-CAD-X / 4 Backup benefits.

  • Stations responding to incidents operate in their typical manner.
  • Station alerting remains the same (using the Alarm MCU’s), and unit MCT’s (mobile computer terminal) work the same way as they would under normal operations.
  • All incidents continue to be recorded in the CAD’s RMS system.

NG-CAD-X / 4 Backup – Ideal for smaller agencies dispatch sharing:

  • Transfer dispatch duties to a neighboring agency – while logging data into their own RMS and seeing unit AVL status.
  • Alternative to dispatch consolidation.

NG-CAD-X / 4 Disaster

NG-CAD-X / 4 Disaster would be implemented when a PSAP must be evacuated, and its immediate infrastructure is compromised (long-term evacuation),

NG-CAD-X / 4 Disaster shall provide backup services in a more complex manner including:

  • The transferring of 911 calls.
  • Taking over full dispatch duties.
  • Logging of units.
  • Capable of continuing to send dispatch requests and incident updates to both units and stations.
  • Relocate stations to other planning and staging areas such as hospitals and schools.

Dispatch Consolidaton Workaround

Read our article on Linkedin about this Public Safety Dispatch Consolidation Workaround.

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