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Improving Situational Awareness & Response Times 

State of the Art CAD2CAD Interoperability


Saving Time. Saving Property. Saving Lives.

☑️ Real-Time Remote Unit Access
☑️ Remote Unit Dispatching
☑️ Terminal-to-Terminal Messaging
☑️ Eliminate Timely Ring-ups
☑️ See Other Agencies Open Incidents
☑️ No Extra CAD Computer Screens
☑️ FASTER Emergency Response
☑️ Little to No Training Required

Keeping America SAFE!


Real Life Demonstrations of CAD Interoperability


NG-CAD-X Top Features and Highlights

Unit Status - EDC CAD2CAD dispatch software provides real-time remote unit status, location, incident ids, and event types which are available for neighboring jurisdictions.

Remote Dispatch - Dispatch remote units using the customary run recommendations or dispatching SOPs of your CAD system. Keep remote unit logon/logoff status synchronized, thus eliminating the need for periodic roll calls.

Incident Details - Your CAD system can receive up to date incident details from neighboring jurisdictions involved on mutual aid calls. In addition to sharing details, incidents can be transferred from one CAD to another.

Messaging - Send and receive terminal-to-terminal, instant messages from users on other CAD systems. Notifications - Receive unit roster and operational status notifications.

Smart Backup - CADs on same NG-CAD-X exchange are able to back each other up with the all new, NG-CAD-X/4 Backup and Disaster service. No need for a secondary PSAP. Great alternative to dispatch consolidation.

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* NG-CAD-X Technology awarded BEST of NIEM 2011 *

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