When a civilian needs help ...

NG-CAD-X will dispatch you sooner!

NG-CAD-X provides situational awareness amongst agencies.

Support EOC operations with up to date incident details from your region's CAD systems.


Keeping our Nation’s Capital safe.

State of the art CAD2CAD interoperability Amongst PSAP’s and their CAD systems.


NG-CAD-X Technology awarded Best of NIEM 2011.


Learn about the available features in NG-CAD-X.

Cloud or On-Premise

NG-CAD-X is available as either a cloud or on-premise subscription.

NG-CAD-X / 4

NG-CAD-X / 4 Backup and Disaster provides operational continuity when your PSAP goes down.

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Watch this side by side comparison video, produced by the NCR, showing the effectiveness of the NG-CAD-X exchange technology.

DHS published article, “An Extraordinary Day”: On May 2, 2018, a series of fires broke out in Fairfax County, Virginia, requiring significant mutual aid assistance from Fire and Rescue Department (FXCO FRD) units. Multiple jurisdictions responded to the scene to fight these fires, rescue those affected, and restore order. See the video above for the full story.

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