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Chris Wiseman
Founding Member / President

Chris cut his teeth in a large corporation for a few years after college. Classically trained as a Systems Engineer out of school, he learned the ins and outs of the engineering life-cycle on large-scale, distributed systems. However, he quickly realized his preference to be the dynamic, exciting day to day that was part of consulting and building systems for startups in emerging technologies.  He enjoyed closer, stronger relationships with clients that came with the fluidity and nimbleness only found in a smaller company to client or consultant to client relationships.

Chris forged a rich technical knowledge in areas of large- and small-scale integrated systems, computer telephony integration, voice response systems, and the emergence of the integrated Internet — long before the Internet was a daily and constant part of our lives. The skills obtained in projects involving heavy MQ messaging and SOA distributed architectures led him to become a subject matter expert in the areas of health exchange reporting compliance and public safety distributed data exchange and interoperable systems.

Chris is a graduate of Virginia Tech.  He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Mathematics.  Chris was born, raised, and currently resides in the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area.  He lives with his wife of 28 years, his 3 children, and his 3 tenacious terrier dogs.  He has a huge love for ice hockey, realized in part through his father’s Canadian heritage and the sporting aspirations of his sons, MacIntyre (18) and Aidan (16).  His daughter, Emily (15), is trying to teach him to love equestrian pursuits (… not so fast!).

cwiseman@emergingdigital.com / 571-233-7423

Greg Crider
Founding Member / Chief Architect

Greg graduated from George Mason University in 1990. As the first engineering student from GMU to ever be hired by IBM, he worked as a systems engineer, and specialized in rapid prototype development for their Independent Research and Development Group. After leaving IBM, Greg and Chris went on to start Emerging Digital Concepts. In his spare time since 2011, after EDC became firmly established in the public safety arena, Greg has served as a K9 handler for one of Virginia’s oldest Search and Rescue teams.

Together with his K9 partner, Saydee, the two have trained with members of FEMA’s elite Task Force 1, so in addition to their wilderness live find certification, they are also accomplished at disaster and building searches.

Born and raised in Northern Virginia, Greg currently lives in Fairfax County with his wife and family. Outside of work, he is an avid cyclist, and semi-professional photographer.

gcrider@emergingdigital.com / 571-437-9834

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