NG-CAD-X is feature rich, and is able to support and expand all of our agency's SOPs. NG-CAD-X does not require any new screens for your dispatchers to learn, or monitor. In reality, the exchange is a simple extension of the duties they're already performing. Therefore, training to use NG-CAD-X is minimal. Here are just a few of our top features.

Unit Status

NG-CAD-X CAD2CAD dispatch software provides real-time remote unit status, location, incident ids, and event types which are available for neighboring jurisdictions.

Remote Unit Dispatch

Dispatch remote units using the customary run recommendations, or dispatching SOPs of your CAD system. Keep remote unit logon/logoff status synchronized, thus eliminating the need for periodic roll calls. Both mutual-aid and autoaid are supported.

Incident Details

Your CAD system can receive up to date incident details from neighboring jurisdictions involved on mutual aid calls. In addition to sharing details, incidents can be transferred from one CAD to another.

Instant Messaging

Send and receive terminal-to-terminal, instant messages from users on other CAD systems.


Notifications inform your CAD of critical changes, such as a remote unit logging on/off, or when your CAD needs to change the status or destination of a remote unit.

Smart Backup

CADs on the same NG-CAD-X exchange are able to back each other up with the all new, NG-CAD-X/4 Backup and Disaster service. No need for a secondary PSAPs. Great alternative to dispatch consolidation.

Additional Features

Self Administration

NG-CAD-X includes supporting applications that give you full control over your exchange setup. Add or update units. Manage translation rules for status codes, and event types used by the various jurisdictions. And so much more. No direct support by EDC is required. The power is in your hands.

Event Subscribers

Connect your exchange to a variety of 3rd party applications with the NG-CAD-X Event Subscriber framework. Add your choice of mapping products, or assistive technologies your agency is already licensed to use. With the Event Subscriber framework, you can expand their view to your entire region.


WXS is a lightweight terminal that can be used to connect various, regional NGOs to your exchange without the need for directly integrating their CAD system. WXS allows users to send and receive calls for service, instant messages, and key notifications from other members of the exchange.

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