NG-CAD-X CAD2CAD Dispatch Software Features

NextGen CAD-X is a CAD2CAD data exchange, providing state of the art interoperability amongst PSAP’s and their CAD systems.

Unit Status

Realtime remote unit status, location, incident ids, and event types are available for neighboring jurisdictions.


Remote Dispatch

Remotely dispatch remote units using your CAD system’s customary run recommendations, or dispatching SOP’s.

Incident Details

Your CAD system can receive up to date incident details from neighboring jurisdictions involved on things such as mutual aid calls. In addition to sharing details, incidents can be transferred from one CAD to another.



Send and receive terminal-to-terminal, instant messages from users on other CAD systems.


Receive unit roster and operational status notifications. Keep remote unit’s logon/logoff status synchronized, thus eliminating the need for periodic roll calls.

Additional Features

For The Dispatcher

  • No new or additional screens to manage.
  • Minimal training required. The features of NG-CAD-X are simple extensions of existing CAD interactions.

For The Region, and Beyond

  • Horizontal integration among local and regional CAD’s.
  • Aggregation of ongoing incidents within a region to which an EOC can subscribe.
  • Provides rich, situational awareness data for emergency managers and the EOC.
  • CAD’s on same NG-CAD-X exchange can backup each other’s PSAP with the all new, NG-CAD-X/4 Backup and Disaster service. No need for a secondary PSAP. Alternative to consolidated dispatch.
  • Vertical integration for state and Federal agencies.

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