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Emerging Digital Concepts

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Emerging Digital Concepts (EDC) was founded in 1997 as the vision of two, former IBM systems engineers. One of their goals was to form an engineering and consulting services company aimed at delivering highly sought after, cutting-edge engineering skills, architectural insights, and product development expertise. EDC provides on-demand and contract model services with the flexibility and nimbleness that cannot be achieved by involving huge integrators or companies which have outgrown their initial vision.

Over time, we have achieved technological advances that helped us to innovate and build on various telecommunications information systems and emergency response applications as well as pioneering and developing the use of VoiceXML and various speech recognition technologies for CTI applications from basic IVR to voice enabled services.

Mission Statement

“Saving lives, protecting property, and making first responders more effective and efficient

in their roles through the implementation of emerging digital concepts.”


  • Genuine care for stakeholders and their technology investments to help their citizens

  • In business for over 22 years, privately owned, debt-free, no outside investment influences

  • Stakeholder and customer centric

  • Designed, developed and delivered 1st of kind functional CAD to CAD Interoperability

  • C2C is our focus – there is no other focus – this is what we do well

  • Collaborator not Competitor:  Strategic partners with leading industry CAD vendors

  • Leaders and participants in 9-1-1 Industry Standards groups – ready to transition with you

  • Management Style is “hands-on” and stakeholder success centric

NG-CAD-X saves LIVES and property! - Contact us today to learn more:
Call (844) 433-2491

Our Industry Experience & Top Specialties

Glass Buildings

Public Safety


Subject matter expertise in public safety interoperability. The flagship product, NG-CAD-X, exemplifies state of the art CAD 2 CAD exchange for emergency responders.

Health Exchange


Extensive, hands-on experience working with State-Based Marketplace (SBM) healthcare exchanges - implementation, reporting and compliance.

Computer Telephony


Designed and developed numerous computer telephony integrated (CTI) platforms and products including Voice-Enabled Services via VoiceXML. 

Systems Engineering


Full life-cycle systems engineering on small-scale and large-scale systems.  Excellence in integrating distributed, disparate systems and components.


Fast Emergency Response Systems